Thursday, June 21, 2012


We looove having everyone under one roof. It definitely makes life simpler, and home is just a lot less stressful than the NICU. It is so much fun to have them together again. I think they are happier being together. They like to scootch closer and closer during nap time.

 E is doing so much better at home than she was at the hospital, she is eating and sleeping better- I think she missed her sissy- Im so glad! I'm so happy and thankful! I just want to eat these little girls! I honestly can't believe we made it.

It is crazy hard too (good hard :)). We are SO tired. It is impossible at this point to tandem feed at all because Evangeline requires so much attention to eat. We have to have 2 people for every feed, so if we want to sleep more than in 2 hour chunks or if Ryan wants to work at all, we must have 3 people at all times. We are so thankful that Ryan's mom is here to help for now, but are freaking out about how to do this alone!! Twin moms, please leave any helpful hints for us in terms of feeding one strong and one weaker feeder tandem. Also, we are considering hiring full time help, so if you know of any nanny/nurses in the DFW area, please let us know- thank you for your help!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The end of a chapter

The NICU chapter of our story is closed! After spending the last 87 days in the hospital, all of the Anderson girls are finally home! We came home and thanked God for carrying us though. Whew!

We decided not to transfuse Evangeline because her red blood count has been trending upward, and since she has been tolerating it so well they only expect her to get better. We are thrilled to take her home at 4 lbs.! She still has obstacles ahead, so we welcome continued prayers for her wellness.

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Thank you Thank you Thank you for all your prayers and support through this journey- how can we thank you enough? You have blessed us tremendously!

As you can imagine, I gotta run! this. is. insane. Don't leave me now, Jesus :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Evangeline's labs

E's red blood cell count dropped even more. This level would be critical for any other baby, but because her whole life she has been "livin' on less", her body has learned to tolerate this well. She is not "symptomatic"at this point, so they are willing to wait another week to transfuse her in hopes that her body will start making blood on its own. Thanks for checkin in, hopefully she will start cranking' 'em out this week!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

6 weeks old: 38 weeks gestation

Audrey is close to 6 lbs., and doing great at home.

Evangeline is 3 lbs. 5 oz. and  still has a while to go at the NICU. She has been finishing her bottles and so they pulled her tube (at least for now), yay! She has a very low red blood cell count and they are wanting to do another transfusion. Tonight they will draw labs and we will see if her levels have improved or not since last week. A transfusion is even riskier now then before so we really really hope she has improved, and we can avoid this. The more she gains the more we see that these identical twins, truly look and act exactly the same!! So weird!