Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Christmas Crafting with Kiddos: snow globe jars!

Baby, it is COLD outside in Texas, and so we have needed a few more indoor activities to get us through. I had seen these snow globe jars at Anthropologie and on pinterest, and thought they were too darn easy and cute to not do... and then I saw ALL the materials at The Dollar Store, which sealed the deal (wasn't going to drag 2 toddlers all over town in the cold).

Materials (The Dollar Store):

- jars (i got a few different sizes, but at least 5" tall)
- mini trees, accessories (carolers, snowmen, forest critters, ice skaters, street lights)
- white sand
- glue gun (not from The Dollar Store)


1) allow your kiddos to choose what they would like to include in their winter scene

2) allow them to scoop sand into their jar (like 1/4c)

3) hot glue the bottom of your items, and allow your child to place them on the inside of the lid

4) screw on the lid, tip over the jar and enjoy your little snow scene! The girls got to use these as decorations in their room, and think that they are super cool. Particularly, the snowmen:).

                         I did a few little scenes around the house too.  Aren't they kind of cute? Super easy, cheap, and adorable! No excuses, have fun :)