Monday, December 17, 2012

Winter update

I am doing fantastic! I feel like a normal person, like myself. Recently, I have enjoyed sleeping through the night :D, cooking dinner for friends, making peppermint marshmallows, neighborhood runs, wearing red lipstick & heels, wine nights with girlfriends, taking the girls to see Christmas lights, & caring for OTHER people! After about a year hiatus (because I was so sick/tired/bedrest through my pregnancy), I have finally settled into a doable weekly cooking & cleaning routine, and that feels amazing. I feel like I can do my life & then some :).

Audrey is so fun. Everyday is a new skill. She is close to crawling, & is always on the move! She loves to giggle, loves her daddy, & loves bananas and sweet potatoes.

Evangeline is precious. She loves people & loves to smile. She squeals with delight when she gets excited. Her favorite is to watch momma dance :). She looooves her sister, loves touching her, loves watching her; Audrey doesn't take much notice of her though, it's cute. Developmentally she is behind, far behind Audrey. It's really become apparent in the last 6 weeks. We are working on rolling and sitting everyday, but she just doesn't have the strength at this point, which was my fear. It's all relative, right? I'm just so thankful everyday that she is alive, and while I'm disappointed that all her complications really are effecting her development, it doesn't bother me too much. I figure she will develop skills slower, but eventually get there, and if she doesn't, we will love her just the same. We have a developmental therapist coming to work with her every month, and I work with her on skills everyday. She is still eating well and happy as a clam. She is growing slowly, and I have accepted that she will probably never, "take off", as her doctors told me she would. Her body can't take on too much too fast, and so she will likely never grow like Audrey's body can grow, but that is what is GOOD for Evangeline :). It's hard for me for my identical twins to be so different, because I know it's because of that damn TTTS. At the end of the day, I rest in the sovereignty of a good, loving & personal God

...(which I am just realizing may sound confusing/idiotic in light of the recent tragedy which is on all of our minds, and I wrestle with it too but would be honored to talk more about that elsewhere if you're interested in theology).

 Happy Holidays!