Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Victorious 12


Audrey- 3lbs 10oz            Evangeline- 2lbs













Audrey- 20lbs 6oz                Evangeline- 13lbs 12oz

It is absolutely amazing to be at a year. I feel so proud and bursting with joy. What a long hard year, and, honestly, I do not share in that feeling of sadness that infancy is over, but only hope and victory! 

We made it. 
(It's interesting to look back at my post when I found out I was having twins: double the pleasure)

Being a parent has helped me to believe the gospel more fully. As a mother, I reflect the parental heart of God our Father in the sense that I find incredible joy in enjoying my children. God loves to delight us and delight in us, and I believe that so much more now. My love for the girls is never dependent on their behavior, I love them because I love them...they are mine.

We are so unbelievably grateful to God for our miracle babies. I still cannot believe we arrived. This is SO much fun- and I can finally say with joy (and with everyone we pass in the grocery store aisles)- twice blessed.

Thank you for all you continued thoughts and prayers for the Anderson girls! Love to you.

Monday, April 15, 2013

It's SWEET to Turn One!

This was the best day ever! We loved having our party in St Louis and that Ryan's family in Nashville came up for it too! I had wanted to do a bright fun sugary sweet party because their infancy was so hard (and especially eating)...and thats exactly what we did- I loved it! And they love sugar! :) YAY!
Their birthday isn't actually until the 24th, but we loved getting to do the celebration with family.