Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Friday, August 10, 2012

more prayer for Evangeline..

Evangeline is really struggling to eat and grow. She is 6lb 5oz and 31/2 months old. If she continues at this rate, she will be so developmentally behind. She struggles through almost every feed. We have been trying to figure if the problem is neurological, mechanical, GI related, reflux, taste preference, over stimulation, nipple type, personality, etc. We are constantly troubleshooting and trying new things to help her to thrive, only to be disappointed over and over. Additionally, we are having to start partial formula because my supply cannot sustain them both at this point- and she HATES formula (I have tried several types); screams, kicks, and throws it up. I have had all kinds of people out to evaluate her, and at this point no one really can identify anything definitively. Some say that it is just her body after all she's been through, and there is nothing we can do. Others say that there is a missing link in her care, and if we figure out exactly what her body is needing, then she will take off. At this point, she is cognitively and socially on target, which we are so thankful for! Please pray for wisdom for me to know how to care for this tiny girl, and that she would just freakin eat and grow!

Audrey continues to coast through life like it ain't no thang.

You can imagine how I'm doing after the past 7 months, pray for me.

If you have had experience with this, or have any thoughts, please let me know! I am seriously desperate enough that if you told me to bop her on the head 3 times with a wand before every feed, I would probably do it. Thank you thank you!! I'll keep you posted on her.