Sunday, August 4, 2013

7 indoor toddler activities for $10 at the Dollar Store!

When this is your weekly forecast, you know you best be finding some indoor activities, and fast!

  I just had to come up with something to engage my girls at home as it is just too hot to do anything! We are on a tight budget, so I decided I would run to the Dollar Store and try to piece together some activities to keep them occupied. Depending on what you already have at home, these activities should cost you between $10-15. If I had gone to Target instead I'm sure the cost would have at least doubled. 

Ok, I love the Dollar Store! This is the toy aisle! My girls were wide-eyed & drooling.

1) Dino-eggs
~Learning opening and closing~
 This kept them busy a while- they loved it, and were just so proud when they were able to open an egg and find a baby dino! I already had the eggs, and the dinos were obviously $1!

 2) Put the ball in the can :)
~Learning to sort and clean up~ 
The girls love these types of trash cans, so I knew this was a must have. They enjoyed putting the balls in and taking them out- over and over :). The can was $1, you can really use any objects you already have at home for this..

3) Roll on paint
~Learning about colors, patterns, and creativity~
(Ok, the $1 wrapping kraft paper is worth the trip on its own!) I bought a vinyl table cloth to paint on and the kraft paper, but if you already have those things, it'd just be $3!

4) Car Track
~Learning to follow the lines~
The girls love pushing cars! We don't totally get the "track" yet though. For this, I just bought painter's tape and a little wood taxi and school bus- $2

 5) Growing animals in the bath
~Learning types of animals and colors~
We sometimes do baths just for fun. They loved these and wouldn't let them go! Do supervise the whole time though because until the capsule is dissolved, they are a choking hazard. The animals stick to the wall too, so they thought that was very exciting. $1

 6) Dance party
~Learning rhythm~
We love to dance! I just bought this tambourine and made a rattle, and we're ready for some Robin Thicke ;). $1

 7) Bowling
~Learning hand/eye coordination, throwing, kicking, rolling~
Balls are a huge hit! Use anything for pins; blocks, cups. etc. Ball $1. 

The Dollar Store has so much more to offer older kids too; books, instruments, dress up, crafts, puzzles, games, etc. Check it out!

I am keeping all this stuff in the closet and only breaking it out at special times so that it doesn't lose it's luster ;)
I hope these might buy you a few days too! Have fun!