Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What's in a name?

  Ryan and I have found naming a human being to be no small task, and our third girl name was not the easiest to come by, but we are equally thrilled to have decided on

Iris Hope Anderson.

 I love the idea of story telling through naming, because I think our family stories are so powerful, beautiful, and valuable. God loves stories. He is the ultimate story teller, the author of each of our individual stories which he perfectly weaves all together into His cosmic story of redemption and restoration. I have found, both through being a client and a therapist, that there are few experiences more powerful than finding acceptance in sharing our stories of brokenness and redemption with each other.

My story is woven into my name, Laura Hope (which is also my mom's middle name), as I was born one year after my older brother Matthew passed away, and my parents saw me as new hope after deep suffering and loss. I never knew Matthew, but his life and death impacted who I have become more than I think I'll ever know. I chose to keep my middle name as I feel that it reminds me of my story, my parents story, my family story, and therefore my children's story.

We are passing the middle name, Hope, down to Iris because of what it represents to me, and also because of her story. Her story began long long ago, but in more recent years her older sisters entered the world through a very traumatic pregnancy and first year, causing me all sort of neuroses:)…no really.

 Iris means rainbow, and she has been such a bright spot after a difficult season. She is a mark God's grace and faithfulness (Gen. 9) to us after a trying few years having TTTS twins in a place far from home & family. Iris is also the Tennessee state flower, a little piece of our homeland. We are so thankful to God for all the ways he has provided for us, but particularly grateful for giving us a healthy and thriving SINGLETON (thank you Jesus) baby girl, and so a name of peace, hope, and rest it is. Thank you for checking in, and thank you to all those who have and do pray for our family!