Monday, May 5, 2014

Noah's Ark 2x2 Twin Birthday Party!

I am SO thankful to have 2 healthy happy 2 year olds!! We all had an absolute blast at our birthday party. I loved doing it and am sad it's over!

I decided on a Noah's Ark 2x2 theme this year because our twins turned 2 and how perfect is that. Also, what two year old doesn't like animals, rainbows, and splashing! The story of Noah's ark is not a sweet nursery story by any means, but a good story of God's faithfulness to His unfaithful creation, and His refusal to give up on what he started. The rainbow is a sign of a promise he gave Noah after the flood, that He would never flood the Earth again, and He gives it to us to this day to remind us of His faithfulness. I am so grateful for His kindness and faithfulness to my family in the midst of my unfaithful heart to Him.

Tray (painted with chalk paint), napkins, cups, poms, plastic animals (spray painted gold, cut in half, hot glued on), cups, straws, all from The Dollar Store.

Rainbow cake (recipe here),  family recipe rainbow M&M cookies, gummie bear/fish/worm kabobs (for kids to make and hold on to), also had treat bags for animal crackers and goldfish (for the animal lids, I spray painted lids & animals, and hot glued on)

Noah board books are from The Dollar Store too, I watercolor painted rainbows on the tags and gave them as favors.

I had a few little activity stations for playdough, chalk, bubbles, and coloring.

My invitations were animal masks, I had 2 of each animal, and asked them to wear them to the party. As people arrived they had to find their match and get their picture taken by the rainbow.  I found these invites at Target on clearance for $3.29!

I loved that my sweet college friend, Lindy Lu came in for it!!

I mean….who knew sipping could be so sweet?!
The kids LOVED sipping their "flood water" (blue juice) through these straws (after spray painting animals, I drilled holes in them and stuck them through the straws)!

The rainbow party hats are from Target (left over from last year :D). After spraying animals, i cut them with scissors, and hot glued them to hats!

We love our Noah's Ark dresses that our sweet Mimi made!
He is faithful.

*I got a lot of my ideas on pinterest and from my sweet friend Leah, over at Love and Lion. Little disclaimer, I would hate if anyone felt burdened by this blog post. Party planning/crafting is a hobby that brings me life and joy and this year i was able to do it, and another year i may not be. But what is absolutely true, mommas, is that whether you do or don't chose to throw birthday parties for your children, it is in no way a reflection of your love for them as a parent.

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