Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 resolutions! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I have kept my theology Q & A post up for months now because I have SO enjoyed your questions coming in! Thank you! You're welcome to keep them coming, but Im ready for a change of scenery around here!

Here are my new year resolutions!

1- look my girls in the eye more
2- get off my gadgets when they are awake and play with them
3- do one educational lesson each morning with them
4- ask my husband how he is doing every evening and listen to his answer
5- spend a few minutes of nap time praying for others
6- continue to pursue people when it feels hard
7- allow myself to sit down and eat a meal for 10 solid minutes during nap time without multitasking
8- work on patience!
9- be messier
10- remind myself everyday to stop striving and rest (I think Im going to make a print of that in my house). Because of the work of Jesus, I have nothing to prove.

Winter update on my girls:
We are doing SO great! having so much fun! we are healthy and happy, learning new words every hour and becoming best friends! Audrey likes to say "i want" before every word she learns. Evangeline likes to bite and kiss, and thinks that they are interchangeable. We love to color, play with stickers, and eat cookies. We LOVE big kids. We LOVE jewelry, lip gloss, purses, and anything shiny. Thank you for continuing to check in on us! XO