Wednesday, January 30, 2013

zero cost baby toys

Yay! My blog is taking a turn from family medical complications to family fun! Here is what we have been up to..

my babies are all about "new" right now. if they have seen it before, it's trash, and if the other one has it, it's tears. I threw together a little "treasure" chest for them to dig through and they love it! once a day or so I put a new item or 2 in it and they love finding it!

Here are some things from around my house, mostly in my "misc" kitchen drawer and my husband's top dresser drawer. Didn't you always wonder why you kept your blockbuster card and phone from 2009?! (the BB card is their fav!) I tried to do some different textures, colors, and weights.
 I made sure to clean everything first, and that there was nothing that they could choke on, or once contained a harmful substance.. then, I put it in an empty wipes container.

O the excitement!

I also stitched together about 8 patches of felt at the corners, and the girls love pulling the colors out of the top of the wipes container as well!

The girls also love this rattle! I just put some felt, pearls, and sequins in a mini plastic bottle.  you could dried beans, rice, seeds or whatever you have around the house too! I super glued the top, just in case..

I sometimes forget to think outside the "target toys" box, so I hope this helps your budget and baby boredom! 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

9 months

This week we celebrated 9 months, and the 1 year anniversary of our fetal surgery. We are so very thankful to God to be doing great, and to have all that YUCK behind us! Im so glad to have all the surgeries and hospital stays behind us, that is so 2012 ;)!

We celebrated our life saving surgery with prayer, cake, adult beverages, and a dance partttty!

This is Audrey's foot when she was 19 weeks gestation and 9 months old! They took these photos from within the amniotic sac during surgery.

this is the teeny tiny scar that changed my whole world!

Monday, January 7, 2013

8 months

We turned 8 months on Christmas Eve!...& then at 3am we went to the ER with RSV- it was pretty miserable but we're doing great now:). Hope your holiday was better than ours!