Tuesday, May 3, 2016

dance and twirl if you're a birthday girl

I just realized I have not done a blog post here in 10 months because…three kids. Phew. It's a hustle, all day, erryday. I have had to let alot go (ie. phone calls, thank you cards, blog posts, …showering) but what I haven't let go of is, celebrating them with a birthday party! It's a fun little hobby for me.

The big girls turned four. I have to say I don't really feel sad about it. I am so thankful to Jesus for them and very proud of them. I am really enjoying them right now too. They are smart and fun and funny and kind. They are healthy, both. Evangeline got a Tonsillectomy at the end of February because of Sleep Apnea and has already gained 2.5lbs (without the tonsils in her way all the time she can eat, sleep, and talk more easily). She had gained confidence, and I can tell she just feels better. She loves problem solving, painting, being silly, praying, Audrey, all things yellow, and Cheetos. Audrey is doing great. She is healthy and happy and sweet. She loves bike riding, Palace Pets, all things pink, gymnastics, cupcakes, and Iris. They both have loved school this year, and thrived with their new friends and teachers there. Over Christmas my mom took them to see the Degas exhibit at the St Louis Art Museum, and they got to see "The Little Dancer" (and came home with necklaces of her, of course!). This was the initial impetus behind my ballerina party idea, although their love for pink tutus played no small role. They said they wanted everything at their party to be pink, sparkly, girly & twirly, and so that's what we did, and I loved it as much as they did! Love my girly girls!