Sunday, September 28, 2014

Woodlands (what I've been up to)

In my little bits of free time the last couple months, I have enjoyed chipping away on my most recent "project", a baby shower for one of my favorite people, little Mrs Maggie! I was one of 6 co-hosts, and since she was not finding out the gender, so we wanted to keep it natural and neutral. We decided on Woodland. Im a fan of the non-shower shower (isn't every woman?? maybe not), and so we did 8pm, cocktails (and Izze soda), no games, and open gift display-aaaaand we had a grand ole time :). I got to do my favorite part of party planing- decor! Here are some pics, enjoy!

My lions love a party ;). We didn't have any shower games, so this was kind of a fun non-game. HE got the majority vote, and so Maggie wore a mustache pin all night :)
Kaye did this beautiful branch centerpiece
Hope tree centerpiece~ everyone wrote down their hopes for baby.
Kelly did this gorgeous pinecone cheese ball
Carrot Cake- that's woodlandish right? The stumps were from a friend who cut up some tree limbs :)
Twiggy baked apples by Diana

Pinecones the girls and I collected on our walks. Those little mushrooms have a wire that I attached through the burlap and dotted down the runner- thought they were too cute not to find a use for. Also did little bud vases of ferns from a friends garden.


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