Sunday, February 15, 2015

mommy & me wall decor pom craft

Audrey has been waking up from naps before Evangeline, and so I have gotten some special one on one time with her lately. Their big girl room has been my most recent project during nap time, and so she has been my big helper and we had so much fun working on this pom wall decor piece together! This craft is super fun for toddlers, easy, inexpensive, and (in my humble opinion) adorable for big kid rooms!

- branch
- ~30 2-3" multicolor poms: I got mine from hobby lobby ($3/bag), but I looove the big wool ones online.

- white yarn & embroidery needle: I considered fishing line too, but yarn provides enough traction for the poms to stay in place.

1) Take your little on a branch hunt outside
2) Let your little choose the poms she likes, and then as you are threading the poms, let her choose the color and number of poms per sequence (if you want to give up that much control:)). Audrey loved getting to make all these decisions, it made her feel so big!

3) Tie a little knot at one end and leave about 5-6" on the other end to tie to the branch
4) Space out your poms and tie each sequence to your branch. Tie one more string to each end and hang your pom decor. Your little one will be so thrilled to display their work in their big kid room!

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