Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The end is in sight!

Today, I met with Dr. Papa who informed me that they think it would be best to take the girls at 32 weeks (around April 23rd), barring that nothing happens before then. At that point, it will be riskier for the girls to stay in than come out, especially since Evangeline is barely growing. Monday, Evangeline weighed 1lb 11oz, and Audrey was 2 lb 13 oz. I doubt that E will be more than 2 pounds at delivery, but at least she will have the maturity of a 32 weeker. This is my 3rd week in the hospital, and I am thrilled to have the end in sight (12 days!). I think 32 weeks is obviously not ideal, but given the circumstances, I feel good about delivering then. I still have a lot of fear and anxiety about the girl's outcomes after all this, but I am really trying to be optimistic and thankful to have made it this far. I cannot wait for this hellacious pregnancy to be over, and to meet these determined little girls! Hopefully we can make it 32 weeks! Thank you for your prayers, friends!


  1. The end in sight is Good! Amazing that you guys have made it this far and keep going. May I leave a verse with you as you struggle to hold it all together? I believe we are seeing the power of God in you and the girls. " My Grace is sufficient for you, for My Power is made perfect in weakness." II Cor 12:9 When you feel like you just can't do this anymore remember this verse. Praying these next 12 days go quickly! xo

  2. continuing to pray with love!! so glad to hear you are getting some outside time!! praying this next 10 days goes by quickly and for continued health for you and your sweet baby girls! love to you all...

  3. Our family has been praying for you and your sweet babies. I cannot imagine enduring your journey and am so amazed by your great faith and trust in the Lord.
    The Herringtons (friends of Susan)

  4. Sending many prayers, Laura--I'm sure you have lots of wonderful NICU nurses waiting to care for your girls when they arrive. We will continue to pray for health and comfort for you, and send lots of encouragement as you deliver your tiny princesses. My utmost prayer is that a year from now, your girls will be well on their way towards catching up with their fellow nearly one year olds, and to look at them, you'd hardly know they were preemies! I also pray for any therapists that you may have to work with along the way, that they are good "fits" for your family, and can nurture and challenge your ladies and their worried parents(!) along the way! Much love and blessings!

  5. This is good news! Wishing and praying for a good 2 weeks for you 3!

  6. Laura and Ryan,

    David and I are lifting your precious family in our prayers. God has all of you in the palm of his hand...such a blessing to remember that truth. The Thompson's love your precious family.

    Your Sister In Christ,
    Glendra Thompson

  7. Such good news Laura! We will continue to pray for all of you!

  8. You have been in our thoughts and prayers sweetheart. As I read your news, I can see the Lords hands in every step. We will continue to lift you, Ryan and your girls in our prayers.

    Love to you,
    Sara Roden

  9. As the news of your pregnancy circulates around to those who have known you and watched you grow up over the years..........know that many many more people have joined into the power of prayer for you. My prayers will be for you and Ryan to rest in the peace and knowledge that our great God is holding your sweet baby girls in the Palm of His hands.

    For you and Ryan too.....I will be praying that your trust in the medical wonders that have happened over the past months will be successful and that on Tuesday you will both be holding 2 healthy...(small) wonderful and miraculous little girls.

    Rest in Him.....the Giver and Maker of life......Hugs.....Karen Heyse

  10. Laura & Ryan,

    We're reading this as we sit here 2 1/2 years removed from your exact position, and it recalls all the same feelings you're experiencing. The similarities are astonishing - we had a 32 week c-section the day after our ultrasound didn't look reassuring. Our girls were tiny, too. But the incredible thing is that it's almost as if all their hiccups came in utero, and as soon as they were delivered, they just thrived, even at such extremely low birth weights. Evangeline and Audrey are ready. Period. We know you are too.

    Understandably, you're both on pins and needles about the first few weeks of their lives, but take it from us - the NICU nurses and neonatologists are phenomenal. They will have you both trained as highly skilled baby-raising machines by the time your girls graduate and come home!

    So, enjoy tomorrow. It truly is the most wonderful day of your life, and begins the hardest job you'll ever love - being a twin parent. Congratulations, and much love.

    Rhys and Jessica Lam