Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Silhouette Art

I had been wanting to get the girl's silhouettes done, and thought maybe I could just DIY. I researched some "how tos" and they required setting up a photo studio and using photo shop, etc. I wasn't up for all that, and so I just did my own and I'm really happy with them!

Time: less than 30min
Difficulty: super easy!
Cost: less than $1 for a sheet of black card stock, $7 for a frame

- profile pic of your child on your computer
- white paper
- black paper
- pen
- frame :)

1- Take or find a profile picture of your child, then zoom in and crop to the size you like. 

2- Use a sheet of printer paper and trace with a fine pen right from the computer screen. Increase the illumination to the highest amount. Embellish hair, eyelashes, and a bow if need be.

3- Cut out your outline.

4- Trace that image onto black construction paper and cut out that image.

5- Done! 20 minutes, right?? Glue onto cute patterned paper (wrapping paper works) and frame!

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  1. love love love this and been meaning to get it done! now i can do it!! thanks!