Thursday, February 9, 2012


Things continue to go well! The girls are improving although they still have a while before their weight discrepancy will go down. I'm doing well too- in good spirits. Im on modified bed rest now which means that I can drive and get out for a bit at a time. I've been using the motorized scooters at big stores and feel really silly, I feel like everyone stares at me. The worst is when you have to back up and it beeps- so embarrassing and hysterical. My mom plans on coming in town next month and helping get things set up, so I'm really thankful for her help! Anyway, Ryan and I are praying and hopeful that I will make it to 34 weeks with no complications and not have to have a C-section-fat chance, right? I know, but Im still prayin for it. 


  1. Pray, pray, pray!!! God wants us to expect miracles, and believe in the "impossible", because He can make it happen, or at least give us peace of mind to accept an alternative of His choosing. Either way, pray! So glad to hear you're doing well, and are having fun in the beeping scooters! Hope you have a lovely time with your mom when she visits. Meanwhile, take care of yourself and those babies! :-)

  2. I'm praying right along with you! God can do more than we ask and even hope!

  3. Your purse contents made me smile. And I am glad the stores have those things for people who need them - even cute pregnant ladies :) We continue to pray.