Thursday, February 2, 2012

3rd base

We had our 1 week post surgery ultrasound today. Getting to this point without complications was the 3rd marker of success. Everything looked great! There continues to be less and less of a gap between the girl's fluid levels. Baby B's bladder looks good, and she is finally having continuous blood flow! The girls were busy busy, and I feel them moving all the time now.

Im doing well, so thankful to have had no complications or scares this week. I have been on bed rest and attempting to eat 3000 calories a day. Ryan says, "I wish I were pregnant with twins, sounds like a vacation" >:o ...he really does know better. Bed rest hasn't been too too hard, I have had visitors and been catching up on thank you cards, and touching base with friends. Our church has cared for us so well, bringing us meals, and helping with other needs. They have made this obstacle so much more manageable, thank you church!

 My back is very sore from not moving much, but Im just glad Im not doing this in the hospital!

Praise God this is going so well! Next stop- home base, which is making it to 28 weeks!


  1. Wonderful news. We will continue to pray with thanksgiving for you all. Hmmm, 3000 calories a day! Where is Ted Drewes when you need it?

  2. Continuing prayers, Anderson family! Glad you've made it to the next milestone--will continue reading your story and continue praying! Love to you all...take good care!