Tuesday, January 31, 2012

takin TTTS out back

It is day 5 after LAS and we're all doin well, no complications or scares. I have been on bed rest and attempting to eat 3000 calories a day. Ryan says, "I wish I were pregnant with twins, sounds like a vacation" >:o ...he really does know better. It hasn't been too too hard yet, I have had visitors and been catching up on thank you cards, and touching base with friends. My back is very sore from not moving much, but Im just glad Im not doing this in the hospital.

Im angry at TTTS for what it took from me in this pregnancy:
- optimal health for my girls 
- my hopes of having a low intervention pregnancy and birth- HA!
- the chance to ever have a vaginal birth
- peace of mind
- the ability to prepare the nursery I had been wanting, particularly sanding and painting a yellow dresser/ changing table
- the ability to move homes in order to prepare for them
- the opportunity to travel for showers
- the ability to be semi-functional so that Ryan wasn't so overwhelmed
- the opportunity to be as involved in RUF this semester
Im thankful the Lord allowed it stop at that!

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