Monday, January 23, 2012

Heading to Houston

Im going to be brief, because I am so worn out and discouraged. The appointment this morning did not go well, TTTS is progressing quickly and we don't have much time. They told us we needed to head to Houston today.

I feel so weak. Vomited in the exam room this morning, so tired emotionally and physically. They say sometimes moms take on the symptoms of the babies. 

Trying to function enough to pack and get out of here smoothly...

Continued thanks for your love and support this morning

I'll try to update again soon. 


  1. I can only imagine what you are going through...and I'm certain that the reality is many times worse. But you're not going alone. Jesus is with you, no matter what. And your church family (I like to call that my family I'm not related to), we're here for you too, no matter what.
    Know that I'm praying for you and Ryan and your little girls, the doctors and everyone else involved. God is still in control. He has not forgotten or forsaken you. (I know you already know this, but if you're anything like me, it's good to hear it again and again.)
    And if there is anything more I can to do help, please don't hesitate to let me know (I'm especially good with laundry and fixing things around the house, but whatever you need).

    Ruth Ann

  2. praying hard, laura. i'm so sorry.

  3. oh Laura, lots of prayers for all 4 of you!

  4. Praying that our time here is not God's time. Praying for strength from Him, which is the only place you can get it. Praying that God works a miracle for you all. sending love.

  5. Lord Jesus, You alone know how to hold us close to You in scary and dangerous times. I pray that You keep Laura and Ryan calm as the storms rage around them. Protect their little girls. Thank you, Lord, that you have given wisdom to the doctors by making this diagnosis and a way to save their lives. These babies are yours and I ask that you protect them. Let the surgery go smoothly, help the doctors to locate the interconnecting vessels that need to be attended to, keep them away from infection, and give Laura a safe pregnancy as she continues to carry them in her womb. Lord, help Laura to remember that her little girls are being cared for by You, You have sent people to take care of her, and difficult decisions have been made with their health in mind. You have knit these sweet little lives together and they are a beautiful gift. We ask, Father, that you NOW put your healing hands on Laura's womb, fix the problem, and bring them safely here when they are ready to enter this world on their own. Jesus, we ask all of these things in your sweet and Holy Name. Amen.

  6. Laura and Ryan, We are praying for you and these precious little ones....that the Lord will give you the strength and wisdom you need in each moment and that he will comfort you now as you anticipate the next steps. With love,
    Margaret Ann and David

  7. Praying, praying and more praying.