Friday, January 27, 2012

24 hour marker- check.

This post is going to be brief because I didn't really sleep last night and am in some pain/discomfort, but wanted to give you a quick update. the second marker of success is getting through the first 24 hours. we made it! I did have a few contractions last night, which is pretty normal, but they gave me medication to relax my uterus and it worked. the hospital stay went as well as it could have gone, the night full of interuptions and sweet care. i was so thankful when morning came, and I knew i could be leaving soon (and get that freakin IV out of my arm!). The doc came in and did a quick ultrasound and saw that everyone's heartbeats looked good and the girls were partying. they were literally stacked on top of each other, and baby A even doing rolls over baby B- poor little thing. After we were discharged, we went back for a more extensive final ultrasound, where they found that baby B already has more bladder flow and there is less of a discrepancy between the fluid levels. I am on bedrest now for the next 7ish days, and then I will be on a modified bedrest. I took a long nap this afternoon at the hotel and we plan to stay here one more night and head back to cow town in the morning. Ryan's mom is going to be coming back with us to help us out for the weekend and she will take off sunday.

I can't believe its over, I can't believe it even happend- it all kind of feels like a dream now. I feel so thankful to God for His mercy and so happy that there is a great chance now that I will have 2 heathly girls. I feel closer to them and more maternal than ever before. I do feel able to exhale and rejoice, but to be honest, I also have some lurking anxiety about what the next 10 weeks will bring. I do feel hopeful. Alright, more reflections, and more on what the surgery was like to come. My brain feels like mush and so Im going to get going and get back to you later.

Thank you over and over- we have read all of your sweet comments and are so honored to be followed by you. Praise Him!



  1. Julie, Jamie, James SellersJanuary 27, 2012 at 7:35 PM

    Dear Ryan and Laura...We also are following your sweet family and praying for all of you. Your faith and raw honesty is and will be a blessing to many now and in years to come. We will keep praying and checking your blog.
    In prayer for those little girls..."For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways..." Ps 91:11
    Love, Julie, Jamie and James Sellers
    St. Augustine, FL

  2. Praisin the Lord with you all, here in British Columbia! What a wonder-working God he is. He can move mountains, He can make a way where there is no way! It is a joy to read and follow your blog. Your girls will surely know you FOUGHT for them, sweet mama. People PRAYED for them. And their God TREASURES do their mama and daddy. Way to go. You guys rock. God rocks!

  3. So glad to read good news! Reading how God is working on your lives grows my own hope and faith. God will keep blessing you.

  4. I am so happy to hear that things are going so much better. I was a nervous wreck for you guys! I will continue to pray for all of you. I am sending you love and warm prayer from Nebraska!

  5. I was so blest by meeting both of you in Houston. Your blog is super and I not only continue following it and praying, but will forward it to my group of friends (prayer warriers).

  6. Praising God in Birmingham Alabama. Hello Ryan and Laura. This is Carol Heimburger. Emily and Ben told me about your story. Corb and I will join the many in praying for the Anderson girls and their parents. May He heal your flesh and refresh your bones as you trust in Him. We will keep up with the blog until they see the light of day.